10 Sensational Facts About Airplanes

10 Sensational Facts About Airplanes


Hearing the sound of airplanes in the sky, do you still look up like a child? Many may be doing the work without their knowledge. The planes floating in the sky have not risen so high in one day! As a result of day after day of research, the airplane has reached its present state. There are many differences between the early days and today’s airplanes. The aircraft of this era can do things that were not even imagined by people before. So let’s find out 10 amazing facts about airplanes.

1. Airplanes are much safer from lightning

Have you ever wondered if airplanes encounter lightning in the sky? But know, statistics say, every plane is struck by lightning at least once a year, or once every 1,000 hours of flight. But even then modern planes are not damaged because they are designed to be lightning proof.

2. There is no safe seat on a plane

If you thought that sitting in a certain row or seat on a plane wouldn’t hurt during the jam, then you were wrong. No single seat on a plane will keep you completely safe during a crash, say experts. A study shows that the destruction rate of the seats in the front part and the middle part of the crashed plane is about 40 percent in both cases. The damage at the back is close to 32 percent. Although many other factors are at work in these cases. However, plane accident rates are very low.

3. The plane has bedrooms for the cabin crew

Surprised? No wonder. Long flights and busy schedules often require cabin crew to work up to 16 hours a day. Therefore, modern large aircraft such as Boeing’s 777 or 787 planes often have small bedrooms and bathrooms for cabin crew to rest or take a short nap.

4. Plane tires are designed to not burst during landing

Plane tires have to carry a load of about 38 tons. Also, the plane’s wheels hit the ground during landing at about 170 mph. And if all the wheels were like that, there would be a burst every time. But they are made in such a way that they do not burst. Air is injected into the wheels of a plane at about 6 times the pressure of a car.

5. Cabin crew dimmed the lights during night landings

If you’ve been on a plane, you may have noticed that the cabin crew dims the indoor lights during night landings. The rationale behind this is that if the plane unfortunately crashes during landing, your eyes will become accustomed to the darkness beforehand. So that you can get used to the light of the outside environment and take the emergency exit quickly.

6. Even if the plane has two engines, one is enough to run

Commercial large planes usually have two engines. The two engines greatly increase the range and fuel efficiency of the plane. But to be honest planes can run very well with only one engine. Each Boeing Dreamliner can fly for about 5 and a half hours continuously using one engine. Another interesting fact is that even if both engines fail while in motion, a Boeing 747 plane can go far enough to make an emergency landing. This is called gliding.

7. Airplane bathrooms also have ash trays

Smoking has long been banned on planes for fire safety reasons. But after that many smart passengers go to the bathroom and light a cigarette. This system is to ensure that even if they consume cigarettes secretly, they can at least put the residue in a safe ashtray instead of throwing it in the dustbin. However, you can be fined for smoking a cigarette while hiding in the bathroom of the plane.

8. Why is it so bad to eat airplane food?

Many complain that airplane food is very unpleasant to eat. In fact, it is not the fault of the food or the airlines. The problem is the airplane environment. The sterile environment of the artificial air inside the plane temporarily weakens your brain’s ability to taste. That’s why the food tastes bad.

9. An airplane oxygen mask will only allow you to breathe for 15 minutes

Scared to see so little time? In fact, normal conditions are maintained for humans with artificial oxygen in the plane so that the passengers can breathe. An oxygen mask is required only if this system loses or leaks for any reason. But its backup time is only 15 minutes. Still it is enough because during these 15 minutes the plane descends to an altitude of about 10000 feet where you can breathe from the normal outside air.

10. Why does the back of the plane look like smoke?

The reaction of the fuel in the aircraft produces water vapor as a byproduct in the rear. This water vapor mixes with the cold outside air to form a thick white coating like hollow smoke. This is called a contrail. It is very much like the smoke you exhale on a winter day. Did you think ‘rocket’ when you saw the white smoke behind the plane in the sky as a child? Then find out the right one today..

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