About Windows and UPS – benefits and importance!

About Windows and UPS - benefits and importance!


About Windows – Benefits and Importance

Microsoft Windows operating system or Windows OS in short is a very well known name in the tech world. Windows is currently used on most personal computers around the world. Windows operating system has changed the entire computer world in a big way. Windows has played a major role in the development of today’s modern computers. All technology lovers should know about this operating system which has witnessed a lot of history. Many new techies don’t know exactly what Windows is and what it does. Through today’s post we will learn more about Windows operating system.

To understand what Windows is, we must first understand what a computer is. The soul of the computer is the operating system. Having a good understanding of the operating system will only understand the importance of Windows in our daily life. This operating system called Windows operating system has been serving billions of customers for almost 37 years. When learning to operate a computer in our country, nowadays everyone first learns to operate the Windows operating system. Because almost everywhere computers are run by Windows operating system. So Windows can be said to be the first step in our computer learning. So let’s know what Windows is.


Windows operating system details

As mentioned earlier that Windows is an operating system. Operating system is the soul of any computer device. Computers are basically divided into two parts. Hardware and software. The parts we see from the outside of a computer are the hardware. And software gives life to these parts. Machines cannot understand natural human language. And so the instrument has a different language.

You can talk to the computer with that language. But learning this language is very complicated for a common user other than a programmer. And so a programmable operating system is created so that humans can easily give commands or instructions to the computer. The computer operating system is there to make it easy to give instructions to the computer. Windows is one of the oldest consumer operating systems.

Windows operating system is made by a technology company called Microsoft. First in 1985, Microsoft introduced Windows with a graphical user interface. According to Statcounter, this operating system is currently used in about 75 percent of PCs in the world. It is a closed source operating system developed by Microsoft. Numerous versions of this operating system are available in the market. Last in 2022, Microsoft brought their latest operating system called Windows 11.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Windows operating system is that new users can easily get used to this operating system. Various tasks can be done on the computer easily from Windows through graphical user interface or GUI. Microsoft keeps improving the Windows operating system with the times.

Apart from Windows, there are several other open and closed source operating systems available today. Apple’s macOS is one of the most popular closed source operating systems that can only be used on Apple-made computers such as MacBooks, iMacs, etc. On the other hand Linux based operating system is very popular as open source operating system. However, other operating systems lag behind in terms of ease of use like Windows. In many ways, however, macOS is easier to work with. Linux based OSes are generally used by advanced users. Apart from this, the availability of software and apps is also one of the reasons for the popularity of Windows operating system.

Windows operating system is closed source, it is not a free operating system. To use Windows, you need to purchase a license. But nowadays companies provide this operating system for free with various new laptops. Windows operating system can be installed on almost all types of PCs. As a result it has become the first choice operating system of all.


Why is Windows OS important?

The importance of Windows operating system is immense. Because it is currently the main operating system of most personal computers in the world. This is because it can be easily installed on any PC. In today’s age, it is necessary for everyone to become proficient in computer management. Computers have become integral in every field of education or profession. And most schools, colleges or institutions have Windows as an operating system on personal computers. As a result, becoming proficient in computer operation is synonymous with becoming proficient in Windows operation.

In other words, there is no substitute for Windows operating skills to acquire computer skills. Windows operating systems have developed a GUI of their own for a long time. No matter which version of Windows you are on, you will easily recognize this interface. As a result, once you become proficient in and around the Windows interface, you will easily become proficient at operating most computers in the world. As a result, Windows is now very important to everyone.

There are various specialized software and apps for computers or PCs that are developed by developers for specific tasks. Windows operating system is given priority in any software or app design. As a result, various working apps for Windows are easily available. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any special tasks if you have Windows. Windows operating system is best for doing personal tasks. Besides, Windows operating system works well for all official work.

Microsoft’s special software Windows Office is used all over the world to create official documents and presentations. As Windows is developed by Microsoft, Windows Office works best in this operating system. As a result, even in official work these days Windows is the winner. Linux operating system is very popular in big servers and other technical fields but Windows is very popular operating system in personal and small official work. Although Mac OS is very popular with many people for personal work, Mac OS can only be used on computers made by Apple, which are very expensive. As a result, Windows is the only viable operating system for most consumers.

One of the biggest advantages of Windows operating system is its plug and play feature. Conventional hardware companies mainly design their hardware with the Windows operating system in mind. As a result, any peripheral works very well with the Windows operating system. So this cause no need to install any additional drivers. These drivers are usually pre-installed with the Windows operating system.

There is no alternative to Windows operating system for gamers either. If you want to play PC games, Windows can give you the most advantages. Various games are first released for Windows operating system. Besides, the games are optimized to work well on Windows operating system. Various types of PC problems are easily solved for Windows. Because the Windows community is the largest. Besides, any bug can be fixed very quickly by Microsoft. As a result, the Windows operating system provides a stable and smooth experience.

That is, the Windows alternative for ordinary computer users has not yet been created. And that’s why Windows has become so important to computer users around the world. Windows itself is an alternative to the Windows operating system in modern times. So knowing about Windows and becoming proficient in using it is useful for everyone. To use the Windows operating system need a modern desktop/laptop computer like Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, HP etc. numerous brands of Windows laptops are available in the market.


Why UPS is needed for computers

UPS is a very important gadget for computer users from the perspective of Bangladesh. If there are frequent power outages in your area, an uninterruptible power supply or UPS can ensure the safety of your computer or other electronic devices. The job of a UPS is to provide battery backup to your computer for a short period of time so that the computer shuts down properly after a power failure. Even if you don’t have a problem with power cuts in your area, UPS can be beneficial for you.

Then, in the event of a power outage in your area, a UPS is essential to ensure computer safety. In our post you will learn why UPS is needed for computers and what can happen without UPS.


Protection from voltage spikes

UPS doesn’t just protect computers from power cuts. The UPS has surge-protection ports and outlets that protect connected devices from voltage fluctuations. These voltage fluctuations are very harmful to electronic equipment. Frequent voltage surges or power fluctuations can damage or destroy devices such as hard disks.

UPS’s surge-protected outlets and ports protect computers from voltage fluctuations. Fortunately, many UPS brands mark the outlets as surge-protected, allowing for flexible routing plans. There are also only surge-protected outlets. This feature is not very useful for ordinary computers, but it is useful if your computer acts as a network server or media backup input.


Protection from data corruption

Already know that PC components like hard disk or motherboard can get damaged due to power fluctuations. And due to these reasons, if the hardware gets damaged then it is very difficult to recover from it. Check that the computer doesn’t take long to shut down properly, or at all. After pressing the power off button, the device goes through various processes to shut down properly, which typically includes saving file information, closing stuck tasks, etc.

In such a situation, if there is a sudden spike or power loss, the mentioned processes get disrupted. As a result, the computer’s system files may also become corrupted. Data loss is a common problem that often occurs due to lack of auto-save feature in many apps and UPS can prevent these problems.


Saving money

UPS provides the opportunity to use any electronic product including computer for a long time. Apart from damage caused by data corruption or power surges, UPS failures can also cause physical damage to rotating parts such as hard drives, motors or platters. A sudden power outage can cause read/write heads or motors to crash. Crashes can occur not all at once, but multiple times due to the same problem. You may already know that recovering data from a corrupted or damaged hard disk is quite difficult and expensive. So using a UPS is a must to keep your favorite desktop computer running smoothly.


Uninterrupted power

A UPS can protect the computer and also avoid the problem of sudden shutdown of the computer in case of power failure. Using UPS provides uninterrupted power backup. UPS can be very helpful to get rid of problems like sudden shutdown of computer in the middle of work.

Here is important information about why UPS is so important for computers. If you want to protect your beloved computer from problems caused by sudden power outages, then it is essential to use a UPS. More or less everyone knows about the use of UPS to continue working even after the power goes out. In other words, if a UPS is used for the computer, a user will also benefit from the loss.

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