Benefit and Trouble of using Memory Card in Phone

Benefit and Trouble of using Memory Card in Phone

Nowadays memory card is used by almost everyone. Many people want to use SD card or memory card in their phone, but don’t know its advantages and disadvantages. In this post, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using memory cards. SD card is a type of small storage medium that we all know. The use of memory cards was much higher than now, which is decreasing day by day. SD card has both advantages and disadvantages that everyone should know about. Let’s know in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of using a memory card in the phone.

Benefits of using memory card in the phone

Additional storage: Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of memory cards is that they are a way to increase the storage of the phone quite easily. Smartphone storage has always been limited and the size of photos, videos, apps, games, etc. is also increasing. As a result, no matter how much storage the phone has, additional storage is required. Using a memory card in the phone can easily increase storage and solve storage problems.

Reducing the pressure on the internal storage: If you add the memory card to the phone and keep the large files on the memory card, the pressure on the internal storage is reduced. Many phones also have the facility to install apps on the memory card. You may already know that the phone runs pretty well if you leave the phone’s internal storage empty. So memory cards can be used to reduce the pressure on the phone’s internal storage.

Removable and portable: SD card or memory card is small in size and can be easily removed or opened. If you want, you can open it from the phone and carry it like a hard disk. Memory card can be used especially for transferring many files from one phone to another. That is, the memory card can be called a pen drive of the phone.

Affordable: The higher the internal storage of the phone, the higher the price of the phone. Instead of buying a phone with a lot of storage, using a memory card can save significant money.

Does not require much power: The phone does not need much power to run the SD card. If you think that running an SD card consumes a lot of phone battery, you’ll be happy to know that memory cards don’t use much phone power.

Easily accessible: Memory cards can be accessed from almost any device. SD card access can be used in mobiles, computers, and even cameras through card readers. That is, you can carry the same file and access multiple devices using a memory card.

Safe: In the case of memory card, there is no possibility of data loss through power cut, that is, your data will be completely stable on the memory card.

Troubles using memory card in phone

Fragile: Like all other storage media, memory cards can break. Also due to electronic corruption many times the memory card becomes unusable. Again, the metal part of the memory card is very sensitive, as a result of which it can be easily damaged. Data recovery from SD card once corrupted is quite difficult.

Limited Read/Write Cycles: Like USB flash drives, solid state drives, etc. flash memory, SD cards also have limited read-write cycles. In simple words, the lifespan of a memory card decreases with use. This means that it is normal for the memory card to fail after completing certain read-write cycles.

Bad card issue: There are numerous brands of SD cards in the market. If you buy a low-class memory card and use it in your phone, chances are your phone will slow down. Using a bad SD card can make the phone perform worse. So when buying a memory card, buy a good product of a good brand.

Slow: Although the storage can be increased at a low cost using a memory card, the speed of this storage is not as good as the internal storage. Memory card is much slower than phone’s internal storage. So accessing the files on the memory card is a bit of a slow process. For this reason, most flagship phones do not have the option of using a memory card by the manufacturer, so that there are no issues related to the performance of the phone.

Disappearing apps: As already mentioned in the feature section, apps or games can be installed on the memory card. However, if you install the app on the memory card, after removing the memory card, you will see that the app has disappeared. Even after inserting the same memory card in the phone, there is a possibility that the app or game will not work properly again.

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