Common Android Phone Problems and Solutions with 10 tips

Common Android Phone Problems and Solutions with 10 tips

Common Android Phone Problems

Smartphones are one of the most important elements in people’s daily lives. No alternative to it can now be thought of. Most of us are using Android smartphones. It becomes very annoying when any kind of problem occurs in the Android phone at the time of need. Like all other gadgets, Android phones also have some common problems. In today’s article we will discuss in detail some common Android phone problems that we face daily and how to solve them.

Abnormally low battery charge

In the case of any smartphone, everyone pays more attention to its battery life. That’s why every smartphone user can easily notice if the battery is draining faster than usual. Android phones can run out of battery very quickly due to several reasons. However, in most cases, this problem is caused by various types of apps.

Rebooting your smart phone is the easiest solution for most issues including battery draining fast. Sometimes everything works very strangely and needs to be restarted. Most of the time it is easier to reboot the phone than to find out what and where is the real problem with your phone.

Next you should update all apps. You may have apps that developers have fixed but you haven’t updated and your phone is having issues. For this reason, enter the Play Store and make sure that every app is up to date. Every app should check for updates like this every few days. Finally, if your phone is old, your battery will drain very quickly. Long-lasting batteries are considered inconvenient for your phone. So in such a situation a new battery should be fitted.

WiFi disconnection

Frequent disconnection of WiFi while using smartphone becomes very annoying. There are three possible reasons for frequent Wi-Fi cuts, one is your smartphone, second is your router and finally your internet provider may also cut the Wi-Fi connection from time to time.

To avoid this problem you have to go to the settings option of your smartphone and reset the network settings. For this reason, in the case of Google Pixel phones, you will first have to go to the Settings app and go to the Reset section from the advanced options. You can reset your network settings by clicking Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth option from the Reset section. On the other hand, in case of Samsung Galaxy phones, go to the General Management option in the Settings app and go to the Reset section.

Now you can reset any of your company phone network by tapping Reset Network Settings option in Reset section. For other brands, you can go to settings and search for network reset.

Phone freezes or lags

If you have been using iPhone or Android continuously for a long time, then you will face various obstacles in running these smartphones. Apart from this, the smartphone will continue to lag severely for no reason. Usually a simple reboot will solve your problem. However, if your phone is not responding properly then this will not be a very easy task to do.

But there is no reason to worry. Because you can forcefully reboot your phone very easily through the combination of buttons on your smartphone. Most Android phones require you to hold down the volume down button along with your phone’s power button until it restarts. But you don’t have to worry at all because it won’t delete any data or anything from your phone. If the phone lags all the time then you can factory reset the phone. Although in that case all the data on the phone can be deleted. Know the instructions of the phone first.

App crashes constantly

If there is a problem with a particular app, it may crash repeatedly or become unresponsive. Just like you can force close your phone, you can also force close any app. There are two ways to do this. The easiest way is to open your recent apps menu and swipe away the app that is causing the problem. If that doesn’t solve your problem then you can force close that app by going to system settings option. All these minor issues are usually fixed by force closing the app.


Charger not working

One of the biggest problems with your Android phone is the phone not charging. Users are facing this problem very often. Usually when this problem occurs it is mainly for the charging port or the cable. First try a different cable to see if the cable is the problem. If it still doesn’t work, check if there is any kind of dirt in the charging port. Because sometimes the phone may not charge properly due to the accumulation of dirt in the charging port. If it does not charge after doing all these things, then there may be some other problem in the charging port such as water damage or faulty charging port.

In case of faulty charging port you need to go to the phone manufacturing company to get it replaced. This problem usually occurs as the phone ages. But if this problem is due to water related reasons then you may not get the warranty benefit.

System UI not working:

This problem occurs when your phone’s system user interface stops working. For emergency fix restart your phone or go to Settings > Apps > All Apps delete all case files and restart the phone again.

Google Play Store Crash:

Many times it is seen that while you are working with Play Store, Play Store crashes. What you need to do in this case, go to the settings and first click on Apps, then click on All Apps, then on Google Play Store, click on Clear All Case and Data.

10 Android Tips

There are some simple tips that you can follow to customize your Android phone and increase the performance of the phone a lot.

  • 01. Keep all phone software updated regularly.
  • 02. Uninstall or disable apps you don’t need.
  • 03. Remove all the unnecessary widgets or icons on the home screen of the phone and keep the home screen completely clean.
  • 04. Reduce your android phone animation, live wallpaper as much as possible. You can use image wallpaper instead of live wallpaper.
  • 05. Keep the phone’s in-built storage space free as much as possible. Keep the pictures, videos etc. in your Gmail account and remove them from the phone.
  • 06. Always keep your phone charged between 50% and 90%. Charge the phone when the charge level is below 50% and unplug it from the charger as soon as it reaches 90% charge. Never charge your Android phone to 100%.
  • 07. There are many apps that have lite versions available, such as Facebook, Messenger, IMO, etc. Installing them will take up less space on your phone and will not slow down your phone’s speed.
  • 08. Cut the background tasks of the phone every day, or remove them. These increase the performance of your phone unnecessarily.
  • 09. Clean the phone’s system memory two or three times a day. For this you will get many apps, download them in a convenient way.
  • 10. Backup all data of your Android phone and reset the phone from time to time.

Every Android phone is a multitasking device. These phones are used to accomplish a variety of tasks effortlessly. Due to these prolonged use of Android phones, these phones often face some problems.

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