How to do Social Media Marketing and Its Demand

How to do Social Media Marketing and Its Demand


In this article I will talk about how social media marketing can play a role in your business or career, how to get started and how it is currently doing. Check out my previous article on what is social media and its learning process followed by this article: What is Social Media Marketing – Ways to Learn


How social media marketing plays a role in business or career:

1) Increased familiarity

1 of the main objectives of any marketing campaign is to increase awareness of a product or organization or business. Please promote new offers. Finding buyers from all possible sectors. Whether your business is small or big, business success largely depends on how well known you are. The better known you are, the more likely you are to get clients. And if you want to gain exposure, you need to be active where your potential buyers are. In the context of Bangladesh, social media is the most popular after TV, radio and newspapers, and the way its popularity is increasing, it is easy to predict that it will overtake or become more popular than all others.

2) Create communication

You get a lot of contacts, some buyers too, but that doesn’t mean you’re done or you’re successful. Even though the first step of the work is done, the most important thing you need to do now. And that is to maintain contact with the customer. Find out like an operationally if they are satisfied with your product or service. Ask if they have any complaints or suggestions. Or if they are experiencing any problems with your products and services, and if so, what kind of problems.

If you can’t figure out these answers, and if you can’t figure out the solutions after finding out, then no matter how much you campaign, your business won’t last long. And the easiest way to get these answers is social media. Because people feel more comfortable in writing than complaining over the phone or face to face. The same thing happens with praise. Again, people can take enough time while writing on social media, which is not possible in other mediums. So it would be wrong to use social media only for promotion. Social media should be used as a means of communication with buyers or potential buyers.

3) Viral Promotion

People share what they did throughout the day, how they did it, where they did it from. You have to use this opportunity. To give an example, Pizza Hut arranged for unlimited pizza for one person for 800 rupees during Iftar during a fasting month. Many people may not know this news. Give a status, “I ate 4 pizzas for 800 taka at Pizza Hut today, hooray!” It doesn’t take anything else, at least 35-40 fresh people from your friends list will get this information, that means advertising at no cost only profit. And if even one of these 30-40 people goes, then here too they are customers without cost. Now think of your business instead of Pizza Hut, you would have benefited in the same way.

4) Selling products or services

Not only as a means of advertising and communication, you can also sell your products through Facebook if you want. Shopify already offers the ability to sell product or service through Facebook platform. So if you can advertise, communicate and sell in the same media, giving it up is closing a lot of opportunities for your business. As a business owner, your job is to put all the needs and benefits of your customers at their fingertips, and to do that, you need to take social media marketing seriously. You need to know the techniques of social media marketing.

How is the demand for social media marketing?

Now let’s discuss another matter. So when you will go for marketing on social media Then many may ask you, how is the demand of this marketing. So you have come this far in the article. So tell me, how is the demand? What can you say? See the demand depends entirely on you. Because, if you can follow the social marketing strategy properly. Then you can achieve success.

And when you can achieve success. Then you will have marketing demand. On the other hand, if you do not understand this social marketing strategy properly. If you can’t use those techniques properly. Then you will not be able to achieve success in any way. And if you don’t succeed. Then there will be no demand for your marketing strategy. Do you know the reason? To understand the main reason, you need to hear a proverb.

How to do social media marketing?

If you want to do this marketing then 1st need to take care of several things. And I will discuss those issues in detail. See, every job has some technique. And when those techniques are adopted. Just then success is found in the work. Likewise, when you want to engage with this social marketing. Then you also need to pay attention to many things.

And when you take these things seriously your chances of success will increase in that sector will increase several times. Now the question may come in your mind that if you follow the things that you will be able to build a successful career by doing social media marketing like others? So let’s now discuss those issues in detail in stages.

Social media selection

See, if you want to do social marketing. So first of all you have to choose that. Which media will you actually use for marketing? Maybe you’re doing marketing on Facebook or Twitter or other platform. So you have to choose this in advance. But it will totally depend on your marketing product. That is, you have to select this social media depending on what product you will actually be marketing. But when you stay at this step. Then you ask yourself a few questions & please try to find out the answers. For example,

Which location will you target?

Using the latter platform will allow you to reach your target audience very quickly. For now when you choose social media for marketing. Then you must have to pay attention to these things.

Acting according to social media rules

When you understand which social platform you should actually choose. Then the rules of the said platform. You have to work according to those rules. As such, I assume that you have chosen Facebook social media for marketing. Now listen if you want to do marketing through this Facebook platform then what should you do?

First you need to create a business page. This page should be customized according to your company or product. If necessary, create an official Facebook group in the name of your organization. On the other hand, if you choose YouTube as a social platform for marketing. So you have to do things differently, right? So if you choose YouTube and you need to create a YouTube channel 1st. Then that channel needs to be customized properly. Then upload the video to the channel. This is exactly the case no matter which social platform you choose. Follow all the rules and regulations of the platform and then continue your work.

To promote

This is the last step of social media sharing. In this step you need to promote your product or organization. Through which you can bring your marketing to the level of success. So at this stage you have to mainly rely on Advertising. That is, the type of audience you will target in your marketing. An easy way to reach that audience quickly is to run ads. For example, when we use Facebook. Then we see several sponsored in our newsfeed. Basically these are paid promotions. Through which they are increasing their exposure by targeting audience like you.

What to learn in social media marketing?

If you want to learn social media marketing. Then you need to master some things from scratch. If you can acquire proper skills about those subjects. Then your chances of getting success will increase many times. So before doing social media marketing you should give enough importance to 2 things. Namely:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising Process

Hmmm you must know about these things from beginning to end. So now let’s know about those things in detail.

What is Marketing Strategy?

Just think, if a vegetable seller sells medicine. So how does it look? Surely that would not be desirable to many, would it? Similarly if a pharmacy sells al bottles along with medicines. Even then, the subject will not be very suitable. Now let’s talk about social marketing. So here too but you have to work considering all aspects. Where a product is promoted will be standardized. So You must have a thorough to understanding of this type of matter. In addition to this, how you promote your product will seem appropriate to the audience. There should be enough understanding about that.

Advertising Process

The most important part of social marketing is advertising. Because through this learned application you have to move forward. So when you will learn this social marketing Then you need to understand the advertising process correctly. Because each social platform’s Ad delivery style is different. For an example for you like if you want to advertise on Facebook. So here is the process through which you can advertise. In that process, you can’t do it on Twitter or Instagram.

Because each platform works differently. And how to advertise on any social platform. If you have no idea about that. Then you will be far behind others. So before learning social media marketing, you must know about this topic in detail. So that you don’t have any problem later.


Where to learn social media?

If you want to learn this social marketing pattern then many type of paths will be open in front of you. You can choose any one and learn accordingly. First of all if you want to learn by going to an It Center. Then you can learn by hand from there. There are many social media marketing courses available online like paid or free also. If you want, you can learn a lot by following those courses. There are also many channels on YouTube. Who share many tips for free. You can learn from them if you have money and time also. That is, how you actually want to learn. It will totally depend on you.

Social Media Marketing as a Career

Stealing as a profession is also very goood technique until you get caught. In the same way you can use social media marketing. Then you can come in a very good position. Then if you want to choose this work as your profession. Then there will be no mistake in your thinking as like your thinking. But if you are not able to do this properly. Then your chances of success will decrease. And in such a situation you will be making a big mistake considering this sector as a profession. So think again before entering this sector. And try to find out how serious you are about working in this sector.