Darling Downs Therapy Services

Darling Downs Therapy Services is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offering a range of services that can be provided in clients' homes or other settings of their choice. They aim to make their services accessible and inclusive, including offering alternative formats, languages, and interpreters for clients who require them.

Key information about Darling Downs Therapy Services includes:

1. Services: They provide a range of services, including Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Positive Behaviour Support, Developmental Education, and Support Coordination.

2. Accessibility: The organization is committed to ensuring that their services are accessible to everyone, and they offer interpreters, including Auslan interpreters, as well as alternative formats and languages.

3. Advocacy and Support: Darling Downs Therapy Services supports clients who wish to have a support person or advocate present during discussions with them. They also provide information on how to access the services of the Advocacy and Support Centre (TASC).

4. COVID-19 Safety: They have a COVID-19 Management Plan in place to prioritize the health and safety of their clients, support networks, employees, and contractors.

Clients are encouraged to reach out to Darling Downs Therapy Services for more information, questions, or support, as the organization is committed to ensuring their clients' wellbeing and access to quality services.

36 Harvey Road, Glenvale, QLD 4350

0431 238 915


36 Harvey Road, Glenvale, QLD 4350

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