Greenleaf Care Services

Greenleaf Care Services is a dynamic and values-based organization that has been providing support to individuals with disabilities since 2016. They are a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider committed to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Here's an overview of Greenleaf Care Services and the services they offer:

About Greenleaf Care Services:
- A young and dynamic organization with a strong commitment to supporting people with disabilities.
- Registered NDIS provider.
- Mission: To provide high-quality service to all customers.
- Vision: To become one of the best community service organizations in the region while upholding their values as a value-based organization.

Core Services:
- Greenleaf Care Services specializes in a range of services, including:
- **Supported Independent Living (SIL):** Providing full-time Supported Independent Living solutions.
- **Respite & Medium Term Accommodation:** Offering short and medium-term accommodation for individuals with disabilities.
- **Support Coordination:** Assisting individuals in coordinating their NDIS supports.
- **Social, Community & Home Care:** Providing support in various community and home care settings.
- **Case Management:** Ensuring individuals receive comprehensive and well-coordinated support.

Community Collaboration:
- Greenleaf Care Services emphasizes collaboration with other community service organizations, working together to support the disability community.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
- The organization is committed to corporate social responsibility programs, acknowledging that their responsibilities extend beyond daily home activities.

Passionate Team:
- The staff at Greenleaf Care Services are described as passionate, innovative, and dedicated to enabling individuals with disabilities to lead independent lives.

Greenleaf Care Services is dedicated to offering comprehensive and high-quality support to individuals with disabilities. They provide a range of services to enhance the lives of their clients, focusing on independence, care, and collaboration within the community.

Suite 6, 44 Townshend Street, Phillip, ACT 2606

1800 800 777


Suite 6, 44 Townshend Street, Phillip, ACT 2606

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