Kalinga Australia Pty Ltd

Kalinga Australia offers a range of services aimed at empowering individuals to achieve their NDIS plan goals and enhance their independence. Here's an overview of the services they provide:

Support Coordination:
- Kalinga Australia's Support Coordinators are dedicated to helping individuals understand and implement the funded supports in their NDIS plans.
- Their role includes connecting individuals to funded services, facilitating access to the community, and engaging with other government services.
- The primary focus is on empowering individuals to develop their skills and become more independent.
- Support Coordinators assist in selecting service providers that align with individual needs, fostering choice and control.

Plan Management:
- Having a Plan Manager allows individuals to exercise choice and control over the providers they engage.
- Plan Managers enable engagement with both NDIS registered and non-registered providers of choice.
- They safeguard NDIS funding by ensuring providers adhere to the NDIS price rate guide.
- Plan Managers help individuals make decisions in alignment with their plan goals.
- Kalinga Australia's objective is to make the NDIS plan management experience stress-free.
- They handle processing invoices, paying service providers, and provide monthly statements for fund monitoring.

Managing Your Own NDIS Plan - Skill Development:
- Kalinga Australia works alongside individuals to develop and strengthen their skills and confidence in managing their own NDIS plan.
- This includes engaging with providers, developing service agreements, maintaining records, claiming payments from the NDIA, and paying providers.

In Home and Community Based Supports:
- Services are tailored to individual needs, involving the selection of support personnel for those requiring in-home assistance.
- Kalinga Australia supports individuals in connecting with their community, identifying social and recreational activities of interest, and creating plans to achieve personal goals while building networks, skills, and confidence.
- Assistance extends to managing daily household tasks, such as menu planning, shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and appointment management, including the use of public transport.

Kalinga Australia's services are designed to support individuals in realizing their NDIS plan objectives, fostering independence, and facilitating active participation in their community while offering personalized assistance tailored to individual needs.

Argyle Corner, 10/98 Vicars St, Mitchell, ACT 2911

02 6156 4276


Argyle Corner, 10/98 Vicars St, Mitchell, ACT 2911

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