Pantheon Care

Pantheon Care is a dedicated NDIS Registered Provider located in Sunshine Coast, committed to offering a wide range of services to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with disabilities and their caregivers. They embrace a holistic approach to care, focusing on mind, body, and soul.

Their services include:
1. Health and Wellbeing: Pantheon Support Services encourage participants to achieve their NDIS objectives and health goals by providing dietary and exercise support, alongside access to a fully equipped gym.

2. Core Support: Assistance with daily life and core supports is designed to promote independence and empower individuals to lead the life they desire.

3. Online Support: Pantheon offers online support services for participants dealing with social anxiety, illness, or simply looking to connect online.

4. Mental Health: The organization emphasizes the significance of mental health, offering comprehensive mental health treatment services, especially for those with psychosocial disabilities.

5. Behavior Support: Pantheon collaborates with allied health professionals to develop contemporary behavioral support plans, helping participants effectively manage their emotions and communicate with their support workers, friends, and family.

Pantheon's mission is to provide compassionate care and support through innovative methods, in collaboration with Aegis Foundation Australia and other professionals. They aim to create an open and accessible community for anyone seeking assistance or information.

Testimonials from participants highlight the positive impact Pantheon Care has had on their lives, emphasizing the tailored and exceptional services they receive.

Furthermore, Pantheon Care is actively engaged in the "What's Going On" campaign, which seeks to combat the stigma surrounding mental health. Their directors take a proactive approach by checking in on the community and individuals, encouraging conversations and active listening. Videos of these sessions are shared on their website and social media, and they invite others to join the movement by asking, "What's going on?" and checking in on those around them. The campaign aims to spread awareness and support for mental health.

1 / 4-6 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya, QLD 4575

1300 506 617


1 / 4-6 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya, QLD 4575

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