Project Independence Ltd

Project Independence is dedicated to introducing a novel model of home ownership that empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities. Here's an overview of their mission and services:

About Project Independence:
- Project Independence offers people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to gain equity in a property.
- Their goal is to enable these individuals to live as independently as possible while fostering a supportive and caring environment.
- The organization is committed to creating a safe and sustainable living space where residents can thrive with the support of their community and invest in home equity to build financial security.

Ways to Get Involved:
- Project Independence encourages support and involvement from the community. There are several ways to contribute to their cause:
- **Events:** Attend and participate in their events, which are a fantastic way to show support.
- **Donate:** Make a monetary donation or provide gifts in kind to support Project Independence.
- **Partner with Us:** Organizations can collaborate with Project Independence to make a significant impact on current and future residents.

Useful Resources:
- For their current residents, Project Independence offers valuable resources, forms, and information to assist them in their journey.

Contact Information:
- Address: 2 King Street, Deakin ACT 2600
- Phone: +61 2 6203 9500
- Email: [email protected]

Project Independence's mission is to transform the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, providing them with the means to live independently, build financial security, and thrive in a caring and supportive community. They are actively seeking support and involvement from individuals, organizations, and the wider community to achieve their mission.

2 King Street, Deakin, ACT 2600

02 6203 9500


2 King Street, Deakin, ACT 2600

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