Selectability is an organization that focuses on improving the mental wellbeing of regional Queenslanders and contributing to suicide prevention. They offer a range of services, including NDIS support, group programs, and mental health initiatives. With a team of over 850 employees and a presence across 14 regions, they have supported over 3,000 consumers in achieving their goals and making the most of their NDIS packages.

Key services and initiatives provided by selectability include:

1. NDIS Services: They specialize in providing mental health services and support through the NDIS, helping regional Queenslanders access the care they need.

2. Group Programs: Selectability offers group programs to help people stay connected to their community, learn new skills, make friends, have fun, and improve their mental wellbeing.

3. Suicide Prevention: They actively contribute to suicide prevention through initiatives like "Suicide Prevention Queensland," "Well Man," and "The Way Back" program in Mount Isa.

4. Mental Health Hubs: They run programs like the "Mental Health Hub program" and "Fire project" in Cairns, offering mental health support and resources.

5. Accommodation: Selectability provides accommodation services, acknowledging the importance of stable housing for mental wellbeing.

6. Other Services: They offer a range of services, including support for victims of crime, support for carers, clubhouses, and bike sheds.

Selectability's mission is to ensure that all regional Queenslanders have access to high-quality mental wellbeing and suicide prevention support locally. They have a significant presence across Queensland, with offices in Townsville, Cairns, Rockhampton, Mount Isa, and Palm Island.

The organization also values and respects the Traditional Owners of the land on which they provide services, paying homage to Elders past, present, and emerging. They recognize those with lived experience and those who support and collaborate with them to enhance mental wellbeing and prevent suicide in regional Queensland.

66-68 Charles Street, Aitkenvale, QLD 4814

07 4724 6800


66-68 Charles Street, Aitkenvale, QLD 4814

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