Yorke Peninsula Council

Yorke Peninsula Council, known for its agricultural richness and natural beauty, offers a range of supported services to enhance the community's quality of life. Here's a glimpse of what they provide:

1. **STARCLUB – Club Development Program:** Designed for sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes, this program is valuable for clubs at any stage of their development. Whether your club is already a STARCLUB or has room for improvement, this program aims to support and enhance their capabilities.

2. **Schools:** The Yorke Peninsula boasts a diverse array of schools and educational facilities catering to children of all ages, including pre-schools. Local schools play a vital role in nurturing the educational needs of the community.

3. **Libraries:** Yorke Peninsula Council, in collaboration with the Libraries of South Australia, provides access to four main libraries and eight ancillary depot library locations. These libraries serve as valuable resources and hubs for knowledge and information.

4. **Transport:** The Council supports the Yorke Peninsula Community Transport Incorporated, a non-profit community-based organization. It plays a crucial role in assisting around 3000 clients in reaching their destinations throughout the scenic Yorke Peninsula and beyond.

5. **YP Leisure Options:** YP Leisure Options is a program initiated by the Yorke Peninsula Council, focusing on delivering high-quality, responsive, and customer-focused services throughout the district. It coordinates a variety of social and recreational activities primarily within the Council district, aimed at enhancing the well-being and enjoyment of eligible members.

Yorke Peninsula Council is dedicated to serving its community by providing essential services and support, enriching the lives of its residents. Whether through education, sports, libraries, or recreational activities, their commitment to the community's welfare is evident.

57 Main Street, Minlaton, SA 5575

08 8852 0000


57 Main Street, Minlaton, SA 5575

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