Nanotechnology – Benefits, Importance & Future

Nanotechnology - Benefits, Importance & Future


Nanotechnology is 1 of the wonders of this modern times. In terms of current technology, in these few decades, so many unimaginable and unimaginable improvements have been made possible due to Nanotechnology. If you have good knowledge about technology, you will have heard the name of Nanotechnology a lot. But many of us don’t have a clear idea of what nanotechnology actually is and what its uses are.

Nanotechnology generally means manipulating a substance down to the molecule or atom. That is, modern technology is able to control substances that are not visible to the naked eye. It may sound like fiction but modern science has made it possible. In this post we will discuss many details about Nanotechnology. Along with that, I will know how Nanotechnology is helping us in various discoveries in this modern technology era.

What is Nanotechnology?

Molecules and atoms make up the matter around us. Even a few years ago, it was unimaginable for humans to control molecules or atoms. But today’s modern science has made the impossible possible. Man is now able to control Anu or Paramanu. It has become possible to create new things by controlling Anu or Paramanu. Nanotechnology works in much the same way as we build buildings by laying bricks. It is not visible to the naked eye as the structure is organized in a very small scale. They are organized in 1000 times smaller than the microscope.

It is natural to ask what benefits we have actually gained from discovering the world of nanotechnology. In fact, if you zoom in and look at the microscope, you will see that what it looks like to the naked eye is not what it really is. It is possible to learn many new things about any object by seeing it so small. Looking at it from a new perspective, many problems can be solved through nanotechnology.

Many times we use these technologies without knowing about them. For example, thanks to nanotechnology, our electronic devices are becoming increasingly powerful in such a way that this nanotechnology can give much more processing power to small devices like mobiles. We also see nanotechnology being used in many places every day.

Where is Nanotechnology being used?

Use of Nano in medicine: Nano technology has already brought about a great change in medical science. Medical tools as well as treatments. Doctors now have access to more detailed tests for prevention and diagnosis. Medicines produced using nanotechnology are called ‘smart drugs’. They can be used for quick recovery. Nano fibers are being used by doctors in surgical operations. Which is not only simplifying the operation, but also saving the patients from post-operative complications. Some of us have to have our limbs amputated for medical reasons and some are born with no disabled limbs at all. Artificial limbs are made for them. But it needs to be perfect. And Nanotechnology is needed for perfect manufacturing.

Use in agriculture: Use of nanotechnology in agriculture avoids wastage. Especially in the textile or garment industry, cotton ball or cotton batting is made from the residual small part of the cloth (cellulose) or cotton after the cotton process. These fabrics are very durable and advanced. Nanomaterials are currently used in almost all advanced food packaging where even air cannot penetrate. In modern times it is called smart packaging. In these cases the food quality is better and protects the food from external ultraviolet radiation. Nano sensors are used to detect the presence of chemicals and gases in food, decomposition of food etc.

Nanotechnology in Vehicle Industry: Nanotechnology is being used in the vehicle manufacturing industry, using nanotechnology to create high-quality batteries that charge very quickly, are very efficient, light in weight and can hold a charge for a long time. Thermoelectric materials are being used to control vehicle temperature, nanotechnology is being used as an additive to vehicle fuel.

The weight of vehicles is getting lighter day by day with structural changes in the use of polymer Nano composites. Weight is related to fuel. More weight consumes more fuel. A study by the American space agency NASA has shown that reducing the weight of commercial aircraft by 20% results in 15% fuel savings. The use of nanomaterials not only reduces weight and fuel but also significantly reduces the construction cost of spacecraft.

In Electronics Industry: We are all aware of transistors, which generally work more as switches in electronic circuits. It is getting smaller day by day in front of our eyes thanks to Nanotechnology. In the last century, its shape was 130 to 250 nanometers. In 2014 Intel made 14 nanometers, in 2015 IBM made 7 nanometers and then Lawrence Berkeley National Lab made 1 nanometers. So by using this technology it is possible to store the memory of a computer on a small chip. By using carbon Nano tubes, electricity is being supplied to the electric grid by reducing the resistance of the electric wire, thereby reducing the power loss in this case. Electrical wires are becoming more conductive than ever before.

Climate and environment control: Nanotechnology is also very effective in maintaining environmental balance. It plays an important role in identifying and purifying polluted air in the environment. Nanotechnology is being used for cleaning polluted water from industrial factories at low cost through chemical reactions. Sensors and solutions with nanotechnology have proven to be very effective for identifying chemical or biological substances present in air and soil. NASA scientists have recently developed a sensor that allows firefighters to monitor air quality and intensity around fires with their cellphones.

Nanotechnology in construction industry: Nanoscale sensors and devices are playing an important role in monitoring the structural integrity and performance of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and ongoing maintenance. Apart from this, modern vehicles are being used in the name of modern technology such as lane position sensors to avoid accidents, with the aim of avoiding traffic jams. After all, the use of various devices and sensors to make driving easier for drivers has come from nanotechnology research.

Sunscreen: Nanoparticles are regularly used in the sunscreens we use. There are many types of nanoparticles. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are mainly used in sunscreen. They are very effective in blocking the powerful ultraviolet rays from sunlight. Besides, these nanoparticles are very light and do not need to be applied thickly on the screen like the sunscreen of the previous era. Modern sunscreens therefore work like normal creams.

Fabrics: Nanoparticles are regularly used in fabrics these days. Nanoparticles are mainly used to waterproof fabrics. A substance called silica is incorporated into ordinary fabrics. 

Furniture: Just like fabric, furniture is waterproofed with a special Nanotechnology coating. Furniture can be made up to 35% less flammable using nanotechnology.

Glue: Generally all the common glues that we use get destroyed by high heat. However, a special type of glue is now developed using nanotechnology that is stronger in heat. This is called ‘Nano-glue’.

Tennis Ball: Nanotechnology is regularly used in a variety of sports equipment. The most common place it is used is on the tennis ball. Nanotechnology is used to give tennis balls longer bounces. It is also used to strengthen the nets of tennis rackets.

Computers: Nanotechnology has made the biggest contribution to the field of computers. It is possible to give this unimaginable power in the processor of a very small computer because of Nanotechnology. Many smart devices are being developed which were never thought of before. Nano tech has brought a revolutionary change in the chip world.

The above points are only the contribution of nanotechnology in various fields that are regularly seen around us. Also, nanotechnology is contributing in thousands of fields. All modern devices in healthcare are being made using Nanotechnology. Nanoparticles are also being used in medicine today. Modern filters are using Nanotechnology for water purification. The use of nanoparticles in plastic bottles makes the bottles last longer. Also there are many other areas where this technology is being used today which is difficult to conclude.

The importance of nanotechnology can be understood just by looking at our new generation of smart TVs, watches, refrigerators, ovens or home theaters. In the age of modern technology there is no substitute for Nanotechnology. It has ushered in a new era in technology with new powerful chip designs every year. Among many, one of the greatest inventions of modern human civilization is nanotechnology. This technology has touched everything in modern civilization. It affects people’s daily life. Today, solutions to various problems such as weather, disasters etc. are being sought in this technology.

Most people are still not aware of the contribution of nanotechnology. Moreover, the various modern uses of nanotechnology are not yet fully established. By making people more aware of this, more benefits can be gained from nanotechnology. In this case, it is important to bring this technology to a state where everyone can use it. So everyone should strive to improve our lives by understanding the importance of nanotechnology and knowing its various uses.

The future of Nanotechnology

The world is moving forward with time to make our living system easier. The world is turning towards nanotechnology. Nowadays, scientists are paying more attention to nanotechnology. Getting smaller and smaller is now the subject of scientific research. Science and technology research is now moving from micro to Nano. Bringing the world to our fingertips, technology and products are also being made easier and simpler. 

Nanotechnology can be used a lot in medical science. Can be used to treat cancer. Besides, if Nanotechnology can be applied, revolutionary changes can come in open heart surgery. Heart blocks used to require surgery or rings, but now if we can inject nanoparticles into the arteries and control them from the outside with biosensors, we can open these hearts easily. Serious diseases like cancer can be cured without any kind of cutting and tearing in the body. Research is being done on the use of Nano medicine and Nanotechnology to improve the quality of vaccination. Research is being done on how to administer the vaccine without the use of needles. Medical science has come a long way in this regard.

Future medical research is underway to protect healthy tissue from mass destruction by applying drugs directly to cancer cells. At the same time efforts are being made to reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy. A lot of research is going on in ways to transplant human organs and grow tissues. Nanoengineering has the potential to greatly contribute to the development of gene sequencing technology. Successful applications of nanotechnology will facilitate the use of electronic products ranging from medical science.

With so many smart cameras, pictures will be taken that may not be seen by anyone. Materials in metallurgy are being researched in nanotechnology. And with the application of Nanotechnology, food grains can be made several times more nutritious. Maybe just one cup of Nano nutrient rich food will get you through the day. Scientists are continuing extensive research to make these possibilities a reality.

Apart from this, the scientists discussed various aspects of applying nanotechnology to meet the energy demand. They are looking for alternative energy especially to prevent climate change. As a result, Nano fuel is considered as one of the alternative fuels.

The nanodevices used in nanotechnology will be much smaller, but have much higher capacity. And the performance will be much higher. Speed will also be high, especially if electronic products are considered. For example, mobile phone, iPad or computer. Even four centuries ago, a computer used to occupy an entire room, and now its shape has come to a single hand. If we can use Nano solar cells then they will be much smaller. A hole computer can be folded and carried in a pocket. I was talking about its shape. By using magnetic RAM we can now boot the computer instantly. Which used to take us hours in many cases.

Solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity using nanotechnology in a cheaper and more efficient way. It will have low manufacturing cost and also low installation cost. Future solar panels will be flexible and much lighter than conventional solar panels. All in all, the cost will be much less.

New things are being discovered every day, research is being done on various aspects of nanotechnology, science has progressed a long way. There is no end to discovery research. Because all the technologies in our daily life use nanotechnology in one way or another. The application of nanotechnology has made significant advances in the engineering and industrial sectors, including information technology, homeland security, medicine, transportation, energy, food safety, and environmental science, and we look forward to continued success.

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