NEOM – Saudi Arabia’s Future Smart City

NEOM – Saudi Arabia's Future Smart City


At present, the most talked about in the world including Saudi Arabia is their NEOM The New Future Smart City. This city has created a lot of buzz in European countries including all Middle Eastern countries. There has been some agitation for the opinion and some against the opinion.

The reason is that their project has never been created in the world before. So some say this change is going to be revolutionary. Others are commenting that their project will not be completed. Because they have modeled it like never before. So anyway! Today I will try to discuss with you what NEOM really is? And how is its design? I will try to give a brief overview of the whole discussion on how it will affect the whole world if it is actually made.

What is NEOM – Brief Introduction

Here the word NEOM is a combination of two words. The 1st 3 letters come from the ancient Greek prefix NEO-meaning “new”. Another word is M. which is the abbreviation of Mostaqbal of Saudi Arabia. And it is an Arabic word. It means future. The combination of these two words forms “New Future” and adding the rest of the city part, it stands for New Future City. So far this is a project of Saudi which has been discussed all over the world. The main story of this project is in the project. The 170 meter tall NEOM will house 3 cities.

The 3 cities are:

  • Trojan
  • Oxagon
  • The Line

Trojena – An important city in NEOM 

The town of Trojena is located 50 km off the coast of Aqaba, Saudi Arabia – at an altitude of 1,500 meters to 2,600 meters and covers an area of about 60 square kilometers. The environment here on the Aqaba coast in Saudi Arabia is not stable at all. So the city of Trojena will be built based on the temperature there. And in that cool atmosphere a very mesmerizing view will be created. Which is really awesome. Trojena will become NEOM and one of the most exciting destinations around the world. The main attraction of this city is to introduce new mountain tourism by 2030.

OXAGON – Advance Industries of NEOM 

NEOM – Saudi Arabia's Future Smart City


This city is very advanced. And for industriaals, krubb is very important. And, the city features: a next-gen automated and integrated port and supply chain, a vibrant ecosystem for research and innovation, an environment conducive to advance revolutionary industries, a global gateway for world trade, powered by 100% natural energy, an unparalleled environment for business, Exceptional livability from other environments in the world, the most caring place for investment.

The Line – City of the future

NEOM – Saudi Arabia's Future Smart City


This word ‘Utopia’ is a widely used word meaning a world where everything is Super Perfect. Saudi Arabia has already stepped up to create such a drream home. With the idea of creating a perfect city, Saudi Arabia has launched a project called ‘NEOM’, which is chaired by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. This city is named ‘The Line’. NEOM plans to build this city in Tabuk province in the northwestern part of the country.

The idea of a city in the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert is like a science fiction story that has just spawned and work has already begun to make it a reality. Both people and nature will be given importance to bring all the elements of this city together in harmony. Keeping cool nature in front, this city will be built with all Super modern amenities. January 2021 Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced plans to build this super smart city. In ‘The Line’ city, attention will be paid to ensure that people can live in an environment free from all kinds of pollution. All essentials element are within 4 to 5 minutes walking distance. 

The city will be built 200m wide- 170km long & 500 meters above sea level. Between these distances one can travel from one place to another within 20 minutes. No need for a car. There will be very high speed new technology transportation system. It will be connected from one end to the other through high speed super metro-rail services.

This city will have housing facilities for only 9 million people to ensure quality of living yeah. Everything in this city will run on 100% renewable energy. So with all these technologies environmental pollution can be avoided and health will be good. Nature will dominate the development within the 34 square kilometer city. And so the residents of the city can live a beautiful-healthy-dream life in the midst of nature. All the facilities will be in the city so there is no need to go out of the city. The inner part of the city will be fully digitalized and the outer boundary will be surrounded by glass.

Homes, schools, roads, parks, offices will be arranged in such a way that everything is within easy reach. People can enjoy everything time to time in the city while walking in nature. There are plans to provide various types of services using new technologies drones. The Saudi Crown Prince envisages a city that will employ the world’s most talented engineers and engineers to design the city. A new Monmatano design approach is proposed for this city. Not like a normal high rise building, but everything will be layered side by side. People will have everything within a 5 minute walking distance and will be able to walk seamlessly between them & design is called ‘Zero Gravity Urbanism’.

The daily weather and climate of ‘The Line’ city will be artificially controlled to maintain a comfortable environment at all times. The entire city will be enclosed in a sophisticated box-like structure with a special natural ventilation system on the roof. NEOM has published a series of videos on YouTube about the city plan, where the concept of the city has been given. Although the video depicts the city very much like science fiction, it remains to be seen how it will look like in reality.


NEOM – Saudi Arabia's Future Smart City


NEOM says, ‘For a long time people have forgotten nature and lived in dysfunctional and polluted cities. Now there is a revolution in civilization. “Imagine a traditional super city that is gradually taking steps to protect & enhance nature.” This is how the new “Chomotkar” city plan was introduced. But this is not the first time such a dystopian city idea. Many have planned to build many more such cities. Even Amazon founder Jeff Bezos envisioned such a city in space in 2019.

But it is not possible to build such a city just by spending money. It can be planned on paper but it is difficult to implement it in reality. So how far this plan of Prince Mohammed bin Salman becomes a reality will be known in the future. The thought of such a city in the desert of Saudi Arabia seems unimaginable, but this may be the first dystopian city.

Why are projects like NEOM being created?

It’s a reasonable question why a project like NEOM is being built. Which has not been created in the world before. Even developed countries such as America, Singapore, China, Japan have not undertaken such a project in any country. So why is a country like Saudi Arabia working on such a project? There is some geography here. We all know that Saudi Arabia’s only source of income is oil sales. We all also know that no wealth lasts forever.

In that case, Saudi Arabia’s oil fields will not last forever. And the moment their oil runs out, their country will be paralyzed. That can destroy an entire nation in an instant. It may even cease to exist. So there is a huge geography involved here. Thinking about such problems in the future, Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia has made such a plan. So that they can save their country and nation even if their oil fields are exhausted. That’s why they want to create a tourism environment in their country. And therefore took up a most uncommon and unique project. The name is NEOM.

How successful will the NEOM project be?

Undertake a project that no one in the world could or had done before. That is why many have doctrines. Some say a new world will open. That will be held by Saudi Arabia. Because they will use technology that no one in the world has done before. Others say that since no such project has been created in the world before, this project may fail to achieve its goals. But here’s the whole thing to watch. Because such a project has not been created before. Again, this is the first project that does not exist anywhere in the world.

NEOM will be habitable or suitable for use?

Since this project is going to be in Saudi Arabia, many feel that Saudi regulations may be affected. But as far as is known a separate law will be made for the whole city of NEOM. That is, there will be a separate administrative system. And the whole region will be governed by that administration. So NEOM can be called a different world.


If indeed a city like NEOM is built then it will be a revolutionary change for mankind all over the world. And Saudi Arabia will set a new record. As well as maybe their country and nation can survive.


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