Pros and cons of buying a used iPhone

Pros and cons of buying a used iPhone


At present, used iPhones are being sold in large quantities in the country’s market. Buying a second-hand iPhone can save money, but it’s not always the best idea. Before buying a used iPhone of course you need to consider the various pros and cons of buying it. The iPhone is at the top of the list of the best phones on the market. Along with the amazing hardware, the iPhone has a long software support. However, many people have to come back because of the price to buy a new iPhone. However, buying a second-hand iPhone can reduce the cost significantly. Let’s know about the pros and cons of using a second-hand iPhone.

Benefits of buying a used iPhone

Cheaper than a new iPhone: The biggest advantage of buying a used iPhone over buying a new iPhone is that the price of a used iPhone is much lower. The condition, age, model and other factors of the device depend on how much money will be saved in buying a second-hand iPhone. Again, the price of the iPhone depends on where you buy the device from. Buying a used iPhone from a third-party website or store will definitely cost less than Apple’s refurbished iPhone.

Eco-friendly: Buying a used iPhone is an eco-friendly decision. Like Android phones, iPhones are made using various materials mined from the earth. In most cases phones are not recycled after use. While a small number of phones are recycled, most phones end up as electronic waste. According to the WEEE Forum, 5.3 billion mobile phones are estimated to have become electronic waste by 2022. In this case electronic waste can be prevented by buying a used phone.

Discounts on older models: Buying an up-to-date iPhone model comes with all the latest features, but if you’re looking for a discontinued model from a few years ago, then the second-hand market is your last hope. For example, finding a brand-new iPhone 10 or iPhone 11 is quite difficult these days. If you want to buy these devices, then the only option you have is to buy a second-hand iPhone.

Resale Advantage: Reselling older iPhones is more convenient than new iPhones. Suppose you buy a brand new iPhone 15, whether you use it for a day or a month, its value will depreciate and you will have to sell it Much lower than the price at which you bought it new from the market. On the other hand, resale of used iPhone does not have to reduce the price significantly. Since you bought a used iPhone at such a low price, you can sell it for almost the same price after use.

Trouble of buying a used iPhone

Low resale value: Used iPhones hold their value for a long time at discounted prices. However, if you want to sell an old iPhone in the second-hand market, it can be resold at a much lower price than a new iPhone. Especially after a long period of official launch, if you want to sell a used iPhone, then you have to get a lot of speed with the price.

Lack of warranty: The biggest downside of buying a used iPhone is that these phones do not come with any kind of warranty. Some companies may offer a warranty on older iPhones, but it doesn’t come close to the benefits of buying a new device. However, if you buy an Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone, you will get the same one-year warranty as a new iPhone. But this also has limitations which are discussed in the next point.

Limited options: Buying a new iPhone comes with options to customize everything from color to storage. But when you buy a used iPhone from the second-hand market, you will get this benefit in a very limited form.

Lack of accessories: Most used iPhones do not come with the original packaging box. Many times, if you want to buy a used iPhone with original box, you have to pay extra. Usually when you buy an old iPhone, no accessories are provided with it, you have to buy new ones yourself. Although third-party accessories are inexpensive, they have the potential to damage the iPhone.

Lack of software support: Apple provides software support for their iPhones for an average of six years. But the older you buy a used iPhone, the less software support there is for that device. For example: If you buy a 3 year old model then you will get iOS updates for another 2 to 3 years on that device. It is best not to buy devices that Apple will no longer provide software updates to.

Security Risks: Now comes the biggest pitfall of buying a used iPhone. Currently, the demand for used iPhones has increased in the country’s market. Everyone is more or less luxurious but many people want to buy a used iPhone which is cheaper. But with that comes a new problem: buying and selling stolen iPhones. Recently, many people have been in trouble after buying a stolen used iPhone.

You can get a lot of information by asking people around you who are aware of these issues. So one should be very careful while buying a used iPhone. Especially it is safer to buy a used iPhone from a known person or a trusted shop rather than buying a used iPhone from a stranger.

Besides, the various parts of the used iPhone are often replaced. Replacing the battery or display is not a bad thing, but most of the time these parts are not original. So, buying a used iPhone will face these difficulties which are important to keep in mind.


Is it OK to buy a used iPhone?

Now the question is whether it is right or wrong to buy another used iPhone? The answer to this question depends entirely on your needs and capabilities. If you feel that you have no problem using an older model iPhone that lacks some features at a relatively low price, then you can buy a second-hand iPhone. But there will always be advice to try buying a new device. There is little security or technical risk in buying any new phone.

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