Royal Enfield Bike – Why So Popular?

Royal Enfield Bike - Why So Popular?


Royal Enfield Bike

There may be very few people who have not heard the name of the world famous motorcycle brand Royal Enfield. It is a brand that is not only loved by motorcycle lovers, but spread all over the world. This veteran motorcycle company is still making new motorbikes. Among the cult classic motorcycle brands, Royal Enfield motorcycles are the best selling. Apart from classic motorcycles, they manufacture off-road and adventure motorcycles. Royal Enfield is without any doubt one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world.

Owning a Royal Enfield motorcycle is a dream come true for any motorcycle lover. So it is natural to wonder how Royal Enfield got so popular. This popularity of Royal Enfield was not built in a day. It has a long history behind it. This history is connected with the history of the world. In this post you will know many unknown facts about Royal Enfield motorbike. Along with that, there is a discussion about why this brand has become so popular among motorcycle lovers. So let’s know the brief history of Royal Enfield motorcycle company.


History of Royal Enfield

Although Royal Enfield is known as an Indian brand, it did not originate in India. Royal Enfield’s journey began in England. The company started by manufacturing the first bicycle under the name of ‘Townsend & Ecosys’. The founder was George Townsend, a resident of Redditch, England. Later, this company started moving forward by the hand of his son. These are about the end of the 19th century. In 1896, ‘The Enfield Cycle Company Limited’ started its journey as a subsidiary of this organization. At the beginning of the 20th century, they began to focus on motorsports and in 1901, they introduced their first motorcycle. Gradually, sportscars, weapons, etc. began to be made.

In World War I they sold motorcycles to Britain, Belgium, France, the United States and the Imperial Russian Army. By the time of World War I they were able to bring 8 new types of motorbikes to the market. This is how they gradually started to gain a reputation for making motorbikes. Royal Enfield’s most popular model, the Bullet, debuted in 1932. During the Second World War they came into the limelight with the ‘Royal Enfield Airborne’ motorcycle which was parachuted into the battlefield. This is how Royal Enfield gained their reputation during the two world wars.

Royal Enfield entered India in 1949. Government of India chose Royal Enfield motorbikes for Army and other forces. Besides, various models of Royal Enfield started to be sold in the market for the general public. Due to its continued popularity in India, the company set up a factory in India in 1955. As a result the journey of Enfield India started and their motorcycles started being manufactured in India.

The ownership of Enfield India changed hands several times after that and came to the current owner Eicher Motors in 1994. They changed the name of this company to ‘Royal Enfield Motors Limited’. Currently Royal Enfield manufactures many models of motorbikes. Their motorbikes are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world. Royal Enfield is in fierce competition with Harley Davidson in the American market.


Reasons for Royal Enfield’s popularity

Royal Enfield has been used in the military for a long time. It is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world and one of the most popular that still applies today. Hence Royal Enfield has developed a separate fan base. Royal Enfield has become a dream vehicle for motorbike and adventure lovers. Let’s discuss some of the reasons behind this popularity of Royal Enfield:

Brand Value: Just as iPhone has a different brand value for smartphones, Royal Enfield has a different value for motorbikes. It is one of the oldest motorbike brands in the world, even older than the world famous Harley Davidson. Royal Enfield has become a cult classic motorbike brand with its classic design, unique style and eye-catching looks. Apart from this, Royal Enfield is also very popular among the motorcycle groups who like to travel together with motorbikes.

Pride: Royal Enfield motorbikes are a point of pride for many. The design of the bike stands out from other bikes and is easily noticed and appreciated by others. As a result Royal Enfield is very much a personal style companion. As a result, Royal Enfield always stands out among bikers.

More durable than before: The quality of Royal Enfield motorbikes has had various complaints from its users since time immemorial. But gradually it has reduced a lot. Now all modern Royal Enfield motorbikes are manufactured to world class standards. As a result, this motorbike has now become everyone’s favorite due to its good value and brand value. So its popularity is also increasing.

Easy to ride: Early Royal Enfield motorcycles required a very skilled rider due to the design variations. However, the use of modern electric starters and disc brakes has made modern Royal Enfield motorbikes easier to drive. In addition, the use of the motorcycle has become much easier as the gear lever has been removed from the right side and brought to the left side. So anyone can now ride this motorbike. And as a result, common drivers are also interested in buying this motorbike.



Royal Enfield never lags behind in innovation. Royal Enfield is very good at bringing the latest technology in the bike market at the lowest price. Constantly they bring new models of motorbikes in the market. In the future they are going to bring parallel two cylinder motorcycles in the Indian market. Royal Enfield will bring this new technology motorbike to the Indian market at the lowest price. This is how they maintain their popularity among drivers.


One of the major reasons for Royal Enfield’s popularity is the variety of customization or mods that can be done on each of their bikes. That is, it is possible to change the entire look of the bike with different things. Royal Enfield encourages drivers towards customization. Regularly they also organize separate campaigns in this regard with different modders. This facility is usually not available in other brands of bikes. Royal Enfield is designed in such a way that everything can be changed easily. And so those who want to design their own bikes, the preferred brand is Royal Enfield.

That is, for a long time, Royal Enfield has maintained its unique design and style, and has distinguished itself among motorcyclists. Royal Enfield motorbikes in the market are often priced higher, but are popular for collection or eye-catching designs. Also, due to many improvements in motorbike technology, Royal Enfield is able to produce better quality motorbikes. All in all, they have managed to hold their place in the market as an old motorbike brand.

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