Some Best Features of Google Pixel Phones 2024

Some Best Features of Google Pixel Phones 2024

Some Best Features of Google Pixel Phones

Google is one of the most popular smartphone brands today. In the world of smartphones, there is a lot of curiosity among the common people about Apple or Samsung as well as Google Pixel phones. Pixel phone’s camera, optimization are all attracting buyers towards it now. Google Pixel phones can do a lot of cool things. Which will enhance the smartphone driving experience much more. In our today’s article we will discuss some things about Google Pixel that you might not know. Adopting these methods will make your Google Pixel experience even better.

Use with one hand for convenience

Google has already launched several large Pixel devices in the market. For example, the Google Pixel 7 Pro device has a huge display of around 6.7 inches. Using a smartphone with two hands is not desirable for many people. That’s why Google has used Handy Jester in every phone to use it very easily with one hand. The Pixel’s one-handed mode settings allow you to do one of two things by swiping down the screen. You can also use the whole screen to scroll down or view notifications.

Take a break from notifications for a while

Notifications are very useful for some time but most of the time it is considered as a big distraction for us. To get rid of this problem, Google has provided a special mode in their Pixel phones. Google’s Focus Mode is a feature that lets you temporarily block those annoying notifications. Focus mode is very easy to use. First, select the apps you don’t want to be disturbed by. Then you can create a schedule when you want to stop receiving notifications from these annoying apps. You can turn this focus mode on and off manually or automatically if you want.

Accessing apps using shortcuts

You can personalize the Pixel’s home screen as you wish. Usually we keep our most used apps on the home screen of our smart phone. Many of these apps may have shortcuts that we don’t know about. Gently press and hold any app icon on your home screen. This will allow you to see some shortcuts to specific sections within the app. For example, you can easily go directly to playlists in the Spotify app. You can add these shortcuts directly to the home screen if you want.

Google’s amazing voice recorder app

The voice recorder app doesn’t seem to be too fussy in general. But Google’s Pixel phones have access to an exclusive recorder app that works pretty great. Google’s Phone Recorder app has three special features that make it stand out from other voice recorder apps. For early users it can automatically convert any recording to text. Which can be searched very easily. Additionally, recordings can be stored in the cloud as well as accessed in a browser. Finally, you can easily share the visuals of your recordings with anyone.


Mute calls by flipping the phone

While you can’t hang up on any call by just putting the phone down, you can at least flip your Google Pixel phone to silence your incoming calls. Google calls this feature in their Pixel phones Flip to Shah. Also, this feature seems to be a little more effective on the Pixel than on other Android devices. Basically on non-Pixel phones you can hold the phone and flip it over to mute incoming calls. But on Google’s Pixel phones, you will not only get the opportunity to mute calls, but you can also turn on Do Not Disturb mode if you want. This will be considered as a very nice gesture for you.

Lock down with extra security

Your Google Pixel phone has a number of security measures for you to use. Among them are fingerprint, face unlock, pin, pattern and password. Among these methods there are some special ones that are safer than others. Face Unlock is relatively easy to fool. Lockdown is a method that disables less secure security methods on your phone. This will disable fingerprint, face unlock and smart lock. You can use this lock down feature in a very quick way when you need to ensure an extra layer of security.

Captions for any audio or video

Google’s Pixel phones have a super handy feature called the Live Captions feature. Any time an audio is played through this feature, the words contained in it will appear on the screen in the form of captions. In this case, the audio will work the same regardless of whether it’s music or video. It even works for phone calls. This Life Caption feature works great for the hearing impaired or those who prefer to keep their phone volume down all the time. However, since life captions are generated automatically, they may not always be accurate. But surprisingly this feature works very well on Google Pixel phones.

Google prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to features in their Pixel phones. That’s why using all these features on Pixel phone improves the user experience a lot.

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