Technologies that will be Trending in 2024

Technologies that will be Trending in 2024

These technologies will dominate the world in 2024

People for whom technology is a significant part of their lives will love this post. In this post, we will know about the topics that will dominate the technology world in 2024. That is, you will know about the tech trend of 2024 in this article.


In 2024, the use of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI will increase manifold. Using drag-and-drop interface codeless AI technology, businesses can create more amazing products and services. We are already seeing the use of this type of AI technology. Things like online shopping will become easier through the use of AI. Besides, AI will play a very important role in the autonomous delivery system.


Although most people do not have a headache about metaverse, with the expansion of the Internet, the expansion of this technology will be seen more in the coming years. According to experts, the metaverse will add $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and 2024 could be a very important year for this technology.

In 2024 Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology will be more advanced, as a result of which the metaverse will naturally advance. Advanced avatar technology will also be seen this year. Many companies are already using metaverse technologies like AR and VR for training, which will increase in the next year. It is assumed that the trend of working from home will be seen in 2024.

Web 3.0

Blockchain technology will become more advanced in 2024, leading to the proliferation of decentralized products and services. Currently we store everything in the cloud, using decentralized data storage will keep our data safe as well as technological improvements. The use and acceptance of NFTs will increase further in the new year. For example, backstage experience can be obtained using NFT tickets. Besides, NFT can act as a key to access various digital services and products.


There is already a convergence between the digital and physical worlds that will accelerate in 2024. Combining virtual simulation with the real world will create a world that will provide a seamless experience.


We are moving towards a future where any type of material, plant, even people can be edited. As unrealistic as it may sound, this science fiction has become a reality thanks to nanotechnology. Any kind of object or creature can be given extra powers through nanotech. Gene editing is a lot like word processing – it’s possible to delete some words and replace them with other words. Fixing DNA mutations, solving food allergies, increasing crop health, even changing human hair or eye color is possible through gene editing.

Quantum Computing

A remarkable race for quantum computing development is currently underway. Quantum computing is a new technology to store and process information using basically subatomic particles. The advantage of this technology is that it can operate any task trillion times faster than a normal processor. In 2024, the world of quantum computers could see incredible advances.

Green Technology

The increase in carbon emissions is having an adverse effect on the climate. By 2024 there will be almost zero greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the use of new technologies such as green hydrogen. Decentralized power grids will also see significant improvements.


In 2024, the capabilities and presence of robotic technology will grow at an even more significant rate. The use of robots in various real world tasks will increase. Robots will work alongside humans in various complex tasks of warehouses and factories to manufacturing and logistics.

Autonomous system

The use of autonomous systems in delivery and logistics will increase in 2024. Many factories and warehouses have already become somewhat partially or fully autonomous. 2024 will see self-driving trucks and ships as well as delivery robots.

Sustainable technology

The importance of sustainable technology will increase in the coming years. Although mobiles, computers, etc. are our favorite technologies at present, our awareness about how their component manufacturing is done can be said to be very less. More awareness will be created in the minds of users in the coming years. In 2024, all digital services and products will focus more on energy-efficiency.

Benefits of Google Maps for travel

Google Maps is the most popular map application in this era of smartphones. Google Maps serves as the default navigation tool for Android users. So Google Maps is a very handy app for those who like to travel a lot. Apart from giving you directions while traveling, this app also provides several other functions that are unknown to many of us.


Real time location sharing

People close to us are always worried whether we travel alone or with small groups. That’s why sometimes they want to keep in touch by calling a few times. But you can easily do this using Google Maps. You can share your location every moment with anyone you want, from 15 minutes to a day. You can even keep this feature on until you turn it off manually.

To use the feature, one has to enter the Google Maps app and tap on the profile picture. Then select the ‘Location sharing’ option. From there you can select how long you want to share the location and with whom you want to share it. From then on, the person with whom you have shared the location will be able to know your current location through his Google account. Keep in mind that the longer you use this feature, the faster your phone’s battery will drain. So it is better to use the feature as long as it is needed. For more details about this feature, you can check out our Google Map Location Share post.

Use live traffic data feature to avoid traffic jams

No one likes to sit in a traffic jam, especially when you are traveling somewhere. Before going somewhere, you can easily know the traffic information of the entire road through Google Maps through the live traffic data feature of Google Maps. Through this feature, you can see the amount of jam on a road live from the app. Once you set a destination, Google Maps will automatically start showing this information. As a result, you can easily decide which route will be best for you to reach your destination. You can know more about this feature from our Google Map Live Traffic post.

Toll prices and different road usage

If you want to travel somewhere by car, it is better to know in advance whether there is a toll on that road or how much toll you have to pay. If you want, you can easily do this through Google Maps. Google Maps can tell you where tolls on your road and the estimated tolls. If you want to use Google Maps, you can also find ways to use different roads without paying the toll. As a result, you can save money easily and decide which route will be the easiest to reach your destination. However, the toll feature may not work everywhere.

Using Google Street View

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the road just by looking at the map. Most of the time the road is found, but it may take a little longer to find the way. You can easily do this with Google Street View. Street View can help you find your way with images of streets and their surroundings. As a result, you can easily understand whether you are on the right road by looking at any signboards on the road. If you want to use the feature, tap and hold anywhere on the map and select the street view thumbnail.

Using the Google Maps widget

One of the most useful widgets in Google Maps is the widget for finding nearby places. It can easily inform about nearby restaurants, hotels, attractions and other things depending on your location. This widget is very useful when you travel a lot and visit new places. You can easily find out about various public buildings, local shops, shopping malls etc.

View the travel timeline

After completing your entire trip or roaming, you can revisit the information about where you have been by using the timeline feature. To use the feature, open Google Maps and tap on your profile picture and select the ‘Your Timeline’ option. There you will find a list of all the locations you have visited. In these places you can also see which roads you are traveling on or what photos you have taken. This feature is very useful to complete your entire trip in an organized manner. Through this, you can easily know how long you walked, how long you stayed in the hotel room or how long you stayed in different places.

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