What is Social Media Marketing – Ways to Learn

What is Social Media Marketing - Ways to Learn


What is social media marketing and the importance of social media marketing are discussed today in this post. Guidelines are also given on how to earn money through social media. In today’s article you will find everything about what social media marketing is and how you can learn it.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Simply put, social media marketing is a strategy or process where people active on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and others aim to spread awareness about a product or product quality. A marketing organization promoting various products, services and businesses that promotes and markets a product with the help of social media, shooting all things to reach customers is called social media marketing. Since this type of marketing is done through social media platforms, this type of marketing is called social media marketing.

Simply put – marketing a product or service using social media platforms is social media marketing. Through social media marketing, the targeted product can be delivered to the targeted customer very easily. Different techniques are used to interact with customers for marketing through social media. Social Media Marketer tells the customer about the Benifit, Advantages, Disadvantages, Price of the specific product with the help of Product Advertising in Text/Video Form.

Bong Sometimes content creators use social media marketing to drive traffic to their websites and blogs, bringing target audiences within the site. And by listing specific products within their website, giving customers complete information about that product. Marketing with social media requires a variety of different pursuits. They are –

  • Content Writing
  • Product Design
  • Video Making
  • Create Infographics
  • Creating Social Media Pages
  • Price Discussion Etc.

Different types of marketing agencies make these things differently and market with them.

As the saying goes, entrepreneurs are like Dhekhi even if they go to heaven. They always think about business and its expansion. The greatest quality of a successful entrepreneur is that he does not stop, when a problem arises he is busy to solve the problem. And when there is no problem, it is busy for new experiments. And because of this nature, many small startups in the world have become very big today. New ideas are generated.

Facebook and other social media are the product of such ideas. now this days 2024 we cannot imagine our digital life without social media. Bangladesh has about 75 lakh Facebook users and this number is growing at a fast pace. So if you have enough customers without social media, you should still look into social media marketing. Online marketing can be 1 of good way if you don’t have enough customers.

Your goals from a marketing perspective

  • Increase awareness of your product and organization.
  • Encourage people to visit your business or website and product-services.
  • Show them the good aspects of your product.
  • Selling your products.
  • Building good relationship with the customer, so that they come back to buy the product again.
  • Old customer recommends your product or service to his acquaintances
  • Contact customers about new products or special offers.

And at last if they have any questions, complaints, they can easily inform you & you can take action accordingly. You may also have many more goals, small or large. Your goals, plans, and execution may vary based on the type and size of the business. Now I am describing some of the reasons why you should do social media marketing.

Rules of Social Media Marketing

There are some rules and principles of social media marketing. Pursuing a degree will surely make you successful in social media marketing. Principles of Social Media Marketing:

  • 1. Law of Focus: Provide the best content about the product on social media platforms. Through which the customer gets engaged very easily.
  • 2. Law of Listening: Keep track of your target customers and show them what they want. For this discuss the product with them.
  • 3. Law of Quality: Keep an eye on the quality of the customer’s product before money. If you can give you good product to customer. Then your business will start growing automatically.
  • 4. Law of patience: Nothing is successful overnight. For this you need to keep working and be patient. If you can continue working patiently.


Ways to do social media marketing

Thank you from above for coming this far. I will now tell you how to do social media marketing. This type of marketing marketing can be done in many different ways. But first you have to choose what service you are providing and what related service you are providing. And depending on your business category you need to target the people who are interested in your services through social media.

First of all, imagine – you have a new e-commerce business and you sell computer accessories or various electronic gadgets. Choose several popular social media to promote your business. And open a professional quality profile or page in the name of your brand or company in those Social Media. You can do marketing of your brand from that account or page. In this blog I will share 10 popular social media names and how to market them in a proper way. Let’s take a look –


10 Social Media Platform

We have discussed in detail the following 10 social media names and how to do marketing in them. So if you read with a little patience, you will surely benefit.


1. Facebook – Facebook

Facebook Marketing is the #1 Best Platform for Social Media Marketing. this platform has around 2.99 billion monthly users worldwide. And if you want then you can easily grow your business through Facebook marketings. By far now 2024 the most popular marketing platform is FB. There are two ways you can market on Facebook:

1. Paid Marketing: Paid marketing is where you can easily reach your target customers through Facebook ads. That’s why you need to create an attractive ad describing any product of your brand. You can easily launch an ad in the name of your business brand with Facebook Ads Manager. The advantage is that you can reach your brand to your specific location based, specific targeted audience through this ad.

For example, you can select what age group of people will take your service, whether your service is only for boys or girls, and you can also select the people in which region you want your service to reach. Again, you can promote your business depending on the people’s interest based on the category of your business.

2. Free Marketing: If you are a new startup or working on a small scale then I think free marketing is best for you. You can use several methods to reach the target audience by doing free marketing easily on Facebook.

First: Open a page in the name of your brand/business and keep it updated with all the correct information of your brand or business. Publish all your content, products, update news on that page. And you can fill up followers and likes by inviting people you know on their Facebook page. In this case, if you can increase the number of followers quite a lot, you will get a lot of money.

Secondly, you can post your content in different groups with full information. In this case, remember that the group you are posting in should be your brand category. For example, if you publish a well-informed post on a literary group to sell electronics, you won’t benefit there. So you can share your products in groups related to different electronic devices or your business category. I hope you will get well by doing this.

2. WhatsApp – Social Media Marketing with WhatsApp

You’ve already done Facebook marketing. And from there he got the cure of several people. Now if they are interested in taking your product or your service then bring them to WhatsAppp. This will make communication with them much easier.

3. Instagram – Social Media Marketing with Instagram

Instagram is the smartest marketing platform to increase the brand value of a business. You can easily make your brand attractive using Instagram. Instagram’s #hashtag algorithm is very special. You can easily get attention for your brand by doing keyword research about your business, brand or whatever you are working on and can also do paid marketing on Instagram if need. Since it is under Meta or Facebook, you can also do paid marketing by running ads on Instagram.

4. Twitter – Social Media Marketing with Twitter

Another platform for social media marketing is Twitter. Anyone can easily do their service or product marketing on Twitter platfrom. For this you need Twitter account and right audience. You can also do marketing using #hashtag smartly on Twitter.


5. LinkedIn – Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn

If you want to do marketing in a professional way then LinkedIn may be the best choice for you. You will meet all the professional people on this social platrfom. With this platform you can introduce your brand to professional and corporate people and take your marketing level to a unique level.

6.Telegram – Social media marketing with Telegram

Telegram is also the best platform to manage business like WhatsApp. But there are some extra features here. With Telegram, you can open a channel and do all your marketing with customers on that channel. In such a situation, if you are able to earn more subscribers on Telegram, you will get good profit.

6. Tumblr – Social Media Marketing with Tumblr

If you are a blogger then Tumblr – Tumblr is one of the best options for you. Here you can write and share short stories on various topics. you know a big advantage here is that the keyword, title and #hashtag can be posted by simstem. You can use this platform if you want to work internationally with your business.

7. Reddit – Social Media Marketing with Reddit

Reddit is a social media messaging platform. Posting systems are usually entertaining and include text with various images, but users can comment on and bot those posts.

8. Pinterest – Social Media Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network. Where users basically share any memories, ideas they like. But if you are a blogger then Pinterest is the best platform for you. You can easily upload any content from your blog to Pinterest. And just doing basic SEO will get good amount of traffic from your content.

9.Snap Chat – Social media marketing with Snapchat

It is also a social media app. Through this app you can communicate, messaging, share photos, videos with your friends, relatives. But this app is not so special for social media marketing.

10. Skype – Social Media Marketing with Skype

A favorite app to manage business internationally This app is a best platform to manage business easily, through audio/video calls, chats and Skype business apps. But it’s not for marketing.

Out of the above total 10 social media networks, you can choose the first 05 specially for marketing. If not, you can opt for Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing. And slowly increase your marketing reach.

Now let’s find out how to learn professional social media marketing from where. You can learn social media marketing by taking courses at various institutes. Or you can get marketing done for your brand or organization from many social media marketing agencies. Let’s find out about it. Checkout this article: How to do Social Media Marketing and Its Demand