What is the QR Code, its work and Code Creation Rules!

What is the QR Code, its work and Code Creation Rules!

QR codes can sometimes be a new trend or sometimes a source of annoyance. But this 25-year-old technology is far more useful than we think. Once you learn how it works and how to create it, you can make proper use of QR codes for any of your needs. In our today’s article we will discuss in detail about what is QR code, how it works and how to create QR code.

What is a QR code?

The complete form of QR code today is Quick Response Code. It is used as a modern version of the previously used UPC barcode. It is a machine-readable label that contains data. QR codes can be interpreted on computers or smartphones much faster and faster than plain text or any code.

A traditional UPC barcode can only contain 12 numbers that identify a grocery product or any other product. However, QR codes can store much more data than UPC barcodes. Specifically, a QR code can store 7089 numbers, 4296 numbers or 1817 Japanese kanji. You can use QR codes to store website URLs, shipping information, auto parts numbers, and any other critical information.

But in most cases, QR code is used as a shortcut to any kind of website or app. Even a technologically advanced restaurant can use QR codes to display their food menu to customers. Or a clinic could facilitate web-based paper work for patients by scanning a QR code.

How do QR codes work?

To the human eye, a QR code basically looks like a collection of random pixels. But the QR code is very intelligently designed because not only does this QR code contain a large amount of data, it is also designed to be used in the fastest, easiest and most reliable way. When you look at a QR code, you will notice that the code has three large squares in the three corners. The computer uses these three squares to determine the orientation of the QR code. So no matter how you scan the QR code upside down it will work correctly. This is because there is no square in the lower right corner when the QR code is placed vertically.

The pixels outside this square determine the version number of the QR code and more important information, i.e. its format. If you’re using a QR code to share your WiFi login information, this format tells the phone or computer what the Internet connection name and password will look like.

Finally, its remaining pixels are used to increase its readability. Some of these pixels are used for error correction and timing patterns. But most of its pixels are used to store raw data. The data pixels in a QR code are made into clusters of many small patterns because they can store more data than white or black dots. Interestingly, Q&A codes can be scanned either horizontally or vertically. As a result, data density can be increased compared to before. Since traditional barcodes are only scanned in one direction, they require less data storage.


Does every phone have a built in QR code scanner?

If you are technically minded you can manually decode the QR code. But your phone itself has a QR code scanner so you don’t have to go through the extra trouble. Modern versions of Android or iOS devices have built-in QR code scanners. You don’t need to download any new app for this, just open the camera app and look at the QR code. Depending on the format the code is in, it may ask you to open a URL or take you to any page in the App Store or a login page for a WiFi connection.

You can also scan QR codes from photos taken on your phone. In case of iOS, first you need to open the Photos app and open the picture taken by the QR code. Then press and hold on that QR code and a drop down menu will appear with options to open the URL. Google Lens or Google Photos will be required to follow this process on Android.

When you open your QR code image in Google Lens, it will automatically scan the QR code. If you are using Google Photos, open the image containing the QR code and select the search option by opening the three dot menu in the right corner of the screen. In this same way you can also scan QR code from Google Photos on iOS.

But when it comes to scanning QR codes, be sure to avoid scanning QR codes from places you don’t trust. Because scammers can use this QR code to take you to a malware website or to an unsecured network. But in case of scanning on your phone and taking that link, it must ask permission from you. So QR will provide security if used with a little care.

Make your own QR code free

QR code is basically an open standard. This means anyone can generate QR codes for free for their own or business use without any license or registration. If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge through mobile or computer, then you can create QR code for any website. Besides, you can download and print this QR code if you want. For this you have to open your favorite website and click on share button. From there you can generate the code by selecting the Create QR Code option.

QR code is observed to be a very advanced technology in keeping with the current times. You can tell us how you like this article about QR code through our comments. Keep an eye on our ProviderList.com.au website for the latest technology information and tips and tricks.

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