Top End Allied Health Services (TEAH)
TEAH is a small business providing specialist services in allied health and service coordination for consumers living with a disability. Their headquarters are in Darwin NT. In the last 4 years, they have provided exceptional services to Territorians.

Top End Allied Health Services now provides a wider service range including but not limited to In-Home Supports; Supported Accommodation in the form of Respite Accommodation, Medium Term Accommodation and Supported Independent Living; as well as social and community participation.

With so many service providers to choose from it can be quite challenging, however, at TEAH they pride themselves in providing you with full choice and control and they even go the extra mile to point you to other service providers who will best meet your needs.


What is NDIS

This is the National Disability Insurance Scheme that funds the services related to disabilities. To be eligible for the NDIS funding you will need to complete an application with the help of your GP, Social worker or carers and your application should include evidence of your disability.


Some of the services we offer under the NDIS:

1.     Therapeutic Supports

a.      Occupational Therapy Services

b.     Speech Pathology Services

c.      Physiotherapy Services

2.     Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

a.      Supported Independent Living (SIL)

b.     Short Term Accommodation (STA), also referred to as Respite

c.      Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

3.     Access social and community access:

a.      Assistance with attending appointments,

b.     Shopping

c.      Social & leisure activities within your community

4.     Support Coordination

a.      Specialist coordination of your services, through linking you with the services that adequately support your NDIS goals and ensure effective implementation of your NDIS plan.

5.     & More services.

Regions serviced by TEAH:

-        Western Australia

-        Victoria

-        Queensland

-        Northern Territory

If you would like to learn more about TEAH services, contact them on 1300 203 059


Apartment 113, 5 Mccourt Road, Yarrawonga, NT 0830

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